Bro Meets World

I started this blog to elaborate on important issues that are either unknown or completely misunderstood by basic bros.  So I thought I’d kick this thing off with a brief intro about my journey from basic bro to progressive political organizer & activist.  I also want to assure people that persuading bros to think about something other than sports, booze & chicks is not pointless; some bros are deeper than a wading pool.

I did not realize people saw me as a bro until after graduating from college when it was pointed out to me by some coworkers.  The reason I never identified as a bro was because I had always been surrounded by bros, and thus saw myself and my friends as just regular dudes.

Once I graduated from college and my baseball career was over, I was a fish out of water.  I had a hosting job at a high end restaurant, but I needed to use my sociology degree for something more than handing out menus to rich people.  So I started working as a political organizer and entered an environment filled with people who shared my political values, but not my social background.  It was at this point when I started to realize that my background as a student athlete, surrounded by other athletes and cleat chasers, was anything but average. Although I wasn’t rich, I had a privileged life and perspective that I was never fully aware of until working with people who had a very different idea of “average.”

Upon realizing that people outside of my friend circles perceived me as a bro, I began asking my friends if they thought I was.  The answer was a resounding no.  This of course was not surprising since they, like me, were unaware of how they were perceived by those outside of our social circles.  They assumed the “bro” label was reserved for surfer dudes and frat guys, not athletes.  But for those outside of our social circles, it made perfect sense why we were also perceived as bros.  And this “duh” moment of self awareness made me realize why my progressive worldview was so rare within my own social circles who were generally apathetic.

Throughout this blog I will discuss news, politics and pop culture through the hazy eyes of a bro and begin to break down some of the privilege and lack of awareness that inhibits so many of us from seeing the big picture through our Oakley shades.  Stay tuned bro.

Ian is the Campaign Manager for Evolve California and a Delegate to the California Democratic Party. | Twitter: @thekdfrmturlock |

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2 comments on “Bro Meets World
  1. Tom says:

    Good intro to the blog.


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