The Oscars: Liberal Propaganda Exposed by Watch Dog Conservatives

The 2015 Academy Awards provided a big stage for radical liberal ideas like reforming immigration and challenging so called “racism” in America.  During her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress, Patricia Arquette even went as far as suggesting that women should be paid the same as men for the same work.  These radical ideas were met with fierce criticism by conservative pundits.

Fox News’ Stacy Dash was “appalled” by Arquette’s extreme demand for equality, reminding Arquette that the Equal Pay Act of 1973 is still in effect.  Dash also added “I didn’t get the memo that I didn’t have any rights.”  No word yet on whether she has realized the word “any” is not a synonym for the word “equal.”

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh thought that allowing Niel Patrick Harris to host the Oscars was a blatant attempt to force the “gay agenda” onto innocent Americans.  Limbaugh asked & answered the question “why else would they ask a gay man who just got gay married to host the Oscars? Hollywood & the liberal media is trying to shove this liberal idea of ‘tolerance’ down our throats!”

As a guest on CNN, Ann Coulter offered her own theory on why American Sniper was snubbed of Best Picture honors, proclaiming that the movie would have won if it had been about a gay Muslim.  It is unclear whether she found out that “Birdman” was able to win Best Picture without a gay or Muslim lead.  Fox News host Sean Hannity echoed her sentiment, concluding that American Sniper was the best movie since it made the most money.  “Everyone knows that the most popular is always the best,” Hannity said “just like our news station; we’re the best because we’re the most popular, not the most accurate.”

Bill O’Reilly was one of many Fox hosts to denounce Common & John Legend for floating the unthinkable idea that racism still exists in America, and that we should do something about it.  Sadly, his comments have been largely ignored due to his unsubstantiated claims about narrowly surviving a terrorist attack in 1982 while covering the Oscars.  Several former colleagues have come out to dispute his claims about the attack, revealing that “he never even attended the Oscars.”

Ian is the Campaign Manager for Evolve California and a Delegate to the California Democratic Party. | Twitter: @thekdfrmturlock |

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